Croatian LoL Championship
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Croatian LoL Championship

League of Legends
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 Hell on High Hells [HoHH]

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Darth Meketar II

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Hell on High Hells [HoHH] Empty
PostSubject: Hell on High Hells [HoHH]   Hell on High Hells [HoHH] EmptyMon Jun 10, 2013 7:36 pm

-Ime Tima: Hell on High Hells [HoHH]
-Ime Captaina: Darth Meketar II

-Top: WarneCRO
-Mid: Craz3d
-Jungler: The Painbringer
-Adc: Darth Meketar II
-Support: Master smajser

-Zamjena 1: WiseSheep
-Zamjena 2: nemamo jos
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Hell on High Hells [HoHH]
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